A selection of Illustrations and Concept Art from our latest project, Modern Combat 5: Blackout

I've had the pleasure of coordinating the very talented Concept Art team for Modern Combat 5: Blackout for well over 1 year, so I'm proud to present our collective work from the game. I've only included the art that has been developed under my direct supervision as an Art Director and Concept Art Lead, but probably the amount of art developed for the game is doubled that what you'll see here. I hope you like them. :)

Concept Art Team:
Ioan Alexandru Ichim - Portfolio
Adrian Mihai Marchidan - Portfolio
Andrei Gino Stratolat  
Karoly Botond Harko - Portfolio
Promotional Illustrations

This is a set of Illustrations done for the Marketing Department, for promoting the game before it's release. 
Art by Alex Ichim

A selection of environment concepts, some of which didn't made it in the final game though. 

Art by Alex Ichim, Adrian Mihai Marchidan, Andrei Gino Stratolat, Karoly Botond Harko, George Munteanu
Characters Concepts

Art by Alex Ichim, Adrian Mihai Marchidan, George Munteanu

Panel Concepts done for the Science Section of the Gilman Security Centre. 
George Munteanu, Alex Ichim
Logo Concepts

Concept by George Munteanu
3d&Render Artists : Andrei Alberto Florea, Cristian Bumbu
Modern Combat 5 : Blackout I @ 2014 Gameloft Entertainment, All Rights Reserved
Thank you !
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